Bedding Plants

We offer a wide array of bedding plants for every situation. Here are some of the most popular, and represent only a small number of our available plants. Out stock is constantly changingso if you are looking for something specific, call us, we are here to help.

wax begonia

(Begonia X semperflorens-cultorum)Wax begonias are a popular bedding plant, for a semi shaded location. They do best when shaded in the middle of the day. There are many varieties to choose from with leaves that can vary in color from green to bronze, and blooms is shades of white, pink and red.

Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise

(strelitzia reginae) is a handsome tropical shrub that produces one of the most recognizable and striking tropical flowers. It does well in full sun or partial shade. In partial shade the plant will be a little taller and the blooms a little bigger, but there will be less of them. It needs rich, acid soil that drains well, plenty of moisture and occasional applications of fertilizer.

Flax Lily

Flax Lily

(Dianella tasmanica 'Variegata') is primarily grown for its attractive, variegated foliage. It bears small lavender or white flowers in late spring, followed by violet blue berries that persist for a long time. Flax lilies prefer full sun or partial shade, and are moderately drought tolerant once established.

Firecracker plant

(Russelia equisetiformi) also known as the fountain plant, gets its common name from its long tubular blooms that resemble firecrackers. The thin stems cascade so the plant is often used in hanging baskets and planted over retaining walls where they attract butterflies. They prefer rich, moist soil and full or partial shade.



(Heliconia spp) It is sometimes referred to as lobster claw because of its interesting blooms. It is a heavy feeder and requires good drainage full sun to partial shade.



(Pentas lanceolata) continuously produces flower clusters all season in shades of red, white,pink, lavender, or purple. They can take a lot of neglect but do best in moderately fertile soil. The can handle hot dry condtions but do better when watered.

Pink Muhlygrass

Pink Muhlygrass

( Muhlenbergia capillaries), produces a diffuse pink cloud of inflorescence above a dense basal clump that lasts for 6 to 8 weeks in late summer. Since it doesn’t produce runners it will stay within bounds. It Does best in full sun or light shade and tolerates a wide range of soil conditions. It is an excellent ground cover for poor soil and will tolerate salt spray.

queen Emma Lily

Queen Emma Lily

(Crinum augustum), is a Crinum lily. Other common names include the spider lily, giant lily, and red crinum. A striking plant, it can reach a mature height 5 to 8 ft. It prefers partial shade to full sun and is adaptable to either dry or wet conditions.

Ruella 'purple showers'

Ruella 'purple showers'

(Ruellia brittoniana), is also known as Mexican petunia flowers freely and attracts butterflies. It tolerates a wide range of conditions but does best in moist or wet soil but will tolerate some drought .It can be grown in light shade but does best in full sun and will tolerate high heat and humidity. It reaches an average height of 3 to 4 feet with a spread of 2 to 3 feet.

Varigated Shell ginger

Varigated Shell Ginger

(Alpiinia zerumbet) is a striking tropical plant that can reach 6 feet in height, bearing lovely light pink blooms reminiscent of sea shells. It will tolerate a wide range of light conditions, from full sun to partial shade with adequate moisture. The soil must be well drained. The flowers appear on “old wood” so if the plant is damaged by frost it may not bloom the next year.

society garlic

Society Garlic

(Tulbaghia violacea) Also called pink amaryllis. The leaves and rhizomes smell like garlic but the blossoms are sweet smelling, reminiscent of hyacinth. It is easy to grow in light sandy soil, and prefers full sun but will tolerate some shade. It prefers regular watering but will tolerate drought.



(Galphimia gracilis) also known as gold shower or shower-of-gold givse a continuous display in the hottest weather. It requires rich, well drained soil and prefers full sun. It is damaged by freezing temperatures. It looks best when planted in groups.



(zinnia spp) are annuals that come in a wide range of sizes and colors. They can take the summer heat and prefer full sun. for the best blooms , chose a spot that is well drained and enrich the soil with organic matter.