Raised Beds are Perfect for Vegetables


We are excited to bring you raised garden beds as a new gardening option. Raised bed gardens are perfect for organic vegetable gardens, and flower beds, and gardeners with mobility problems. We supply the unit, and you supply the plants.

Our raised bed vegetable garden doesn't come with plants.
  • Units are constructed of durable, 2 inch thick, untreated, red cedar planks, that are naturally rot resistant, and won't leach harmful chemicals into the soil.
  • The beds are filled with an organic planting mix that is 60% compost and 40% chipped pine bark, so the spoil won't become compacted and inhibit healthy root growth.
  • The interior of the beds can be lined with landscaping cloth that will help to keep out insects but allow drainage. The lining also keeps our organic soil mix, and plant roots from mixing with the nonorganic soil that is already present in your yard.
  • Units can be placed on a rock bed to facilitate drainage and further eliminate contact with native garden soil.
 Basic raised bed vegetable garden and optional base.
  • Optional higher bases are available to further eliminate contact with the native soil and to make the beds easier to work on.
  • Options also include a deeper planting bed for plants that produce deeper roots that have the added benefit of being easier to work for gardeners with mobility issues.
  • Currently we offer two sizes, 3 '6" x 6'6'' and 5' x 10'. Plants are not included.