Plants For Shade

We carry a wide array of plants suitible for a shady location. Below is just a small sampling of what is available.

Areca Palm

Areca Palm

Areca Palms (Dypsis lutescens)are adaptable to shade. They are fast growing, do well in average soil and can reach a mature height of 20 feet although most are considerably smaller. Their versatility cannot be overstated. Planted en masse they are a useful privacy screen, and also make wonderful container plants for the patio.

angel wing begonia

Angel Wing Begonia

(Begonia aconitifolia × B. coccinea) Cane begonias, with their upright, bamboo like stems can grow quite tall,reaching a height of 4 to 6 ft. Foliage can range in color from light green, spotted, or textured. All are characterized by their leaves in the shape of angel wings. Flower shades can be pink, red or white. They prefer bright light and rich, well drained soil.



Bromeliads may be grown in a variety of ways. They may be grown in pots, in a shady corner of the garden, or they may be mounted on trees. They need moist well drained soil. There are some that can grow in full sun but most prefer bight light. The center cup formed by a rosette of tight leaves should be kept filled with water. We carry a wide selection to choose from.

draceana reflexa


(Dracaena spp.) Grown for their colorfull foliage, dracaenas are useful when a narrow upright shade plant is desired. They aren't fussy and thrive on neglect, and will grow well in deep shade. They can tolerate dry conditons for long periods. Varigated varieties need more light. We carry a wide selection.



Ferns make good ground covers or bedding plants for shady locations. Many also do well grown in containers. A few can tolerate some drought but most will need regular watering. Once established they thrive on neglect.

red ginger

Red ginger

(Alpinia purpurat)a A beautiful tropical plant that makes a spectacular show in the garden. It prefers partial shade and requires moist, well drained soil. It blooms year round in shades of red or pink

Lady Palm

Lady Palm

(Rhapis excelsa) is a slow growing palm tree that reaches a maximum height of 5-10 ft and 1-5ft wide. It is very cold tolerant and can also be grown in a container on a shaded patio. It’s a good choice for an entryway. Shade to partial shade.

Sanchezia noblis


(Sanchezis noblis) is a tropical, evergreen shrub native to the rainforests of Peru and Ecuador. It has a mature height of 5-7 ft, with large, striking leaves and tubular, yellow flowers with red bracts. It won't tolerate full sun, but prefers bright, indirect light. Sanchezia thrives in high humidity andmoist soil. Plants will die to the ground following a freeze but emerge in spring.

snake plant


(Sansevieria trifasciata) Common names include Mother-in-law's tongue, snakeplant, espada-de-são-jorge(sword of Saint George), and espada-de-santa-barbara(sword of Saint Barbara. Sansievera thrives on neglect and is drought tolerant as well as capable of handling deep shade. We have several to choose from.

shrimp plant

Shrimp Plant

(Ajusticia brandegeana) Shrimp plant blooms in a variety of colors including yellow, salmon, pink, and almost white. It is a fine bedding plant for the shade garden, blooming year round. It prefers light shade and moist soil. Don’t let it dry out between waterings. It can handle a light frost

 stromanthe 'Tristar'

Stromanthe 'Tristar' Plant

Stomanthe (Stromanthe sanguinea 'Tristar' ) is native the the Brazilan rain forests and with its striking leaves will add a lot of color to a difficult location. It likes high humidity and damp, well drained soil. It will usually grow to a height of 2-3 ft and does well in containers. Stomanthe will not withstand freezing temperatures.

Wild Coffee

Wild coffee

(Psychotria nervosa) is a handsome Florida native and an important food source for wildlife. It is moderately drought tolerant, requiring well drained soil and performs well in partial to full shade. It is effective when planted in masses, as a background plant in a shrub border or as a specimen. It easy to maintain and is not bothered by disease or insects.